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This is ... MOSES' FIRE !!

This handsome, fluffy, red-orange guy has a fully-doubled blossom that's about 5" across- and a touch of a lovely, ruffled edge, too! He is 22" tall, and he blooms in late-June into much of July - and then, he may well bloom a bit more in mid-late August. He throws about 20 blossoms per scape on a 3-way branching stem. His parentage is listed only as (seedling seedling).

And YOU can have him in YOUR private garden(s) for just $17; he's a Brilliant addition of any landscaping, indeed!


WELL!!! We've MADE it all the way to April 1st!

Here's wishing you ALL a joyous Easter Sunday!!

And even though Mom Nature is still being Stodgy about it, we all know that, within a couple of weeks, we WILL be able to enjoy some ACTUAL Spring 2018.

THANKS to all who have chosen to participate in our Early 2018 35%-Off Sale SO FAR == And since we're having SUCH a SLOW Spring, Jimmy and I decided to EXTEND the Sale until May 1st ... just in case there's Others Of You, out there, who have just not quite gotten into your Gardening Frame of Mind, yet. Enjoy!!

As we told you before ... our only Sale Restriction is this: each complete sale purchase must sub-total up to $25 or more - that's AFTER the 35% discounting, and Before any shipping fees or taxes get added on; thanks..

So: Our Web Store is at - my email is - and my direct cell number is 217-621-8474. It would be GREAT to hear from Everyone - so that you can ALL still share in our Early 35%-Off Sale for 2018!

Stay Healthy and Happy - take good care of One Another - and we'll look forward to hearing from you Soon!

Rod and Jim

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