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The pastel yellow Lovely that you see to the left is called Simply Michigan. She's 30" tall and she throws fragrant, ruffled blossoms that are six inches across, blooming in mid season, and, if we have a warm fall, she MAY rebloom at the end of August = FUN!! And you can have a double fan of this gorgeous gal for your home garden for only $21 - down from $29, last season: limited quantities only!


Happy 2022 to you all!!

GREAT NEWS for You: Tomorrow - January 23 - we'll be launching our Annual Earliest Spring Sale at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies - and here are all the details for your review.

We're offering to you 450 to 500 of our 700 cultivars at A FULL 35% off -- AND -- many of the remaining 200-250, we're offering those at somewhat reduced pricing, for all of 2022: LITERALLY, there are GREAT DEALS EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!!

For your greatest convenience, this excellent sale will be running until April 1st - BUT - since we have Limited Quantities of many gorgeous varieties, we'd advise you to do your review, and to place your order, at your earliest convenience ... so that you'll be much more likely to get ALL the lovelies that you may wish to add to your home gardens this upcoming Spring and Summer!

Should you have ANY questions, please call me immediately: 217-621-8474 - it would be my pleasure to talk with you, directly!

PLEASE stay Happy and Healthy!! And KNOW that Warmer Gardening weather really is On the Way - soon!!

Rod and Jim 5-Acre Farm Daylilies 217-621-8474


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