Hello, Everyone!!

Our OPENING DAY AT 5-Acre Farm Daylilies will be SATURDAY, June 14th, 10am to 4pm ... and we'll hope that Mom Nature will cooperate, giving more than a good handful of varieties in full blossom to enjoy!

And ... please remember: you can SHOP ON Our WEBSITE = www.5acrefarmdaylilies.com - 24-hours a day - and you can send an order On Line -- OR -- you can CALL ME with your order. And, I can dig your Beauties and then call you when they are ready for Pick-up; that's TOTALLY and Immediately available to you for the rest of the Season: 217-621-8474. And if you have Questions about whether or not we are OPEN, just give me a quick call; I'd be delighted to hear from you, directly! Rod -----------------------------------------------------------

WHAT'S SOLD OUT already???

Just below, you'll find a list of 54 Daylily cultivars that are already SOLD OUT for the Season 2014 - just in case you are Shopping HERE on Our Web Site, to make up LISTS of Lovelies that you might just HAVE to HAVE from 5-Acre Farm Daylilies for YOUR garden, this year:

Adorable Tiger -- April in Paris -- Aggressively Feminine -- All American Chief -- Arctic Clipper -- Bertie Ferris -- Bombay Silk -- Brookwood Black Kitten -- Border Lord -- Broadway Imp -- Broadway Tiny Tot -- Carl’s Folly -- Charles Johnston -- Chicago Cattleya -- Coaches Bold Scheme -- Coaches Class Act -- Dan Mahoney -- David Kirchhoff -- Decatur Dictator -- Dempsey Foursome -- Desperado Love -- Eenie Allegro -- Elizabeth’s Magic -- Ferengi Gold - Firestorm -- Francois Verhaerdt -- Fringed Catawba -- Gentle Shepherd -- Hold Your Horses -- Hyperion -- Jam Cookie -- Key to My Heart -- King Arthur's Court -- King of Masks -- Long John Silver -- Lord of Rings - Love Goddess -- Magic Filigree -- Malicious Rumors -- Martina Verhaerdt -- Mask of Eternity -- Mistress Prynne -- Moon Over Ogunquit -- Night Beacon -- Passion's Promise -- Prairie Blue Eyes -- Prince of Midnight -- Ranger Bob -- Red Carpet Moment -- Romeo Is Bleeding -- Samurai Warrior -- Snowing Down South -- Waterside Down -- Wayside Fireside. -------------------------------------------

Each year, Jimmie and I truly enjoy seeing all the New Beauties that hybridizers are revealing to the Daylily World. In much the same way, every now and then, we have the thrill of finding an older cultivar that, to us, seems like it never should have been "left behind" so quickly.

Here, we're delighted to share with you one of our favorite "re-discoveries:" "Lilting Belle."

This diploid beauty, introduced by Wilson in 1983, reaches 36" in height, and her bloom is 8" in diameter. Here in East Central Illinois she blooms in mid-season, and her foliage is semi-evergreen. A clear, light yellow rises up from the throat of the blossom, traveling half-way up onto the center area of both her sepals and petals - where it shifts to a tone of warm pink, with lavender overtones, that spreads out to the ends of all the tepals. Wilson created her from a cross of My Belle × Lilting Lavender.

And ... best of all: this Gorgeous Gal can be yours for just $8.00! Just call me at 217.621.8474, to reserve your "Belle" before she sells out! Just a lovely Gal for anyone's garden! ---------------------------------------------------

SUMMER 2014 is NEARLY here!!YEAHHHHH!!! And our plants here, at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies, are LUSH in many colors of GREEN -- and the BLOSSOMS are just starting for our opening on Saturday, June 14th - and then More and More and More will bloom, from that point forward, into September.

AND, once again, it's SUCH a Pleasure for Jimmy and I to be able, for our TENTH SEASON here, to receive you as Garden Guests, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 4pm -- and throughout the weeks by appointment only: 217.621.8474.

AND our SmartFriends who work in Finance tell us that the US Economy, though still a bit Sluggish, IS, absolutely improving, overall. So ... we'll surely hope to see many of you who may have not gotten here for the last couple of seasons: I DO like to believe that we are now Prettier Than We've Every Been, here on The Farm.

For Season 2014, we'll have a slightly NEW Sales Process. We'll not be digging IMMEDIATELY for Guests - unless you have an urgent situation to fulfill - then we'll make every effort to Dig Your Beauties for you to take away with you. Otherwise, when you come to visit us, we'll happily take and confirm your orders, and then we'll schedule a Pick-Up Time within a week's time for you to return to The Farm for your Lovelies. In past Seasons, so very many of our Guests have told us that they REALLY ENJOY seeing The Gardens in bloom, repeatedly -- and this way, you'll get at least a Second Chance to take another stroll around and ENJOY the Beauties here.

AND, IFFFF you are REEEEally pressed for time, no need for STRESS: Just make a Shopping List by E-Garden Shopping on Our Web Site: www.5acrefarmdaylilies.com - and send me an e-mail or call me (217.621.8474)several days before you want to by and pick up your Lovelies - and it will be Our Pleasure to have your order READY for Pick-Up. BUT -- if you can POSSIBLY take the time, when you Pick-Up ... you HAVE to take time for a Quick walk through the Gardens, at least, so you miss the Beauty and Relaxation that it can provide for you, instantly!

AND ... remember -- if you want to set up a 5-Acre Farm Daylilies GIFT CARD, for yourself, or for a Very Special Gardening Person in your life, you can do any time: call me at 217.621.8474 and we'll make up a card that suits your particular needs: What FUN!!!

And ... if you belong to a "Green Group" of some sort, whose members would enjoy having an Educational Daylily Program presented at one of your group meetings, we'd love to help you out: just call me at 621-8474! These sort of Get-Togethers are always so very enjoyable for EVERYone involved: we've found that most gardeners DO just LOVE to learn, and to talk about gardening!

Soooo ....OK -- HERE WE GO with Season 2014!! Let's make it the very best "gardening times" that we've EVER shared!

We'll be so very glad to see you all again, and to have the chance to visit with you, again - OR to have the great fun of meeting you for the Very First Time as a NEW Garden Guest at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies!

- and Happy Gardening to You, ALWAYS!

Rod and Jim

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch
5-Acre Farm Daylilies
1578 County Road 300N
TOLONO IL 61880-9719