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Good Sunday, August 14th '22 to YOU!!

Well, my Garden Guests: the pic that I've attached is our LAST FullTable of Blossoms for Season .22 = I WILL HAVE partial tables well into September ... and they will be Lovely, too - but, this is the FinalFullTableTop of Lovelies!!

The LATES are nearlly all budded up or starting to bloom, now - and they'll be around at least into the middle of September: THEY can give your home garden luxurious Clusters of delightful color, when nearly all else is done blooming and turning brown.

To take a peek at them ... go to our WebSite HomePage, loook down in the navigation stack to the Left, find Whiteside Late Bloomers, click into it, and choose yourself some of your favorite FallBrightColors!! FUN!!!

Hope to see you all Once More before the end of September - so you can get a couple of Late Bloomers! We will be open on all WeekEnds, Sat and Sun, from 10am to 4pm.

For the next TWO WeekEnds, our dear buddy, LeAnn, will be here to help you - and, maybe, Mz Jackie, too - and I'll be back in the Sales Pergola for all of the September WeekEnds, after I take a quick break, in between!

Questions?? 217-621-8474 - would be great to talk with you!

Hugggz - and Happy Gardening, always!!

Rod & Jim

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