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HELLO, to you all!! We surely hope your '24 has been totally happy and healthy, thus far.

February comes to us This Week, already -- and I THINK I have our Spring Daylily Sale READY to go. I'm posting it for you today. Here we go!!

OVERALL ... we have about 750 varieties on The Farm.

OF THOSE ... about 500 varieties are available to you all, to add to your home gardens!

OF THOSE 500 ... I've Sale-Priced about 300 varieties at 35%OFF!! AND, as always, we're going to continue to provide you with three fans of each variety that you purchase: not just the two fans that are standard procedure for most daylily retailers - which ALSO continues to give you a bit more value for your garden bucks!

ALSO ... for this season only - of those 300 On-Sale Varieties, about 200 are ALSO available to you as a SALE CLUMP purchase - and that means, for whatever variety you choose to buy as a Clump, you will receive between 7 and 10 fans of that variety - and all for a set price of $20.00. With that many fans, that Clump will appear to have been in your garden for two to three years, already, AS YOU PLANT IT.

AND an additional 200+ varieties are available to you at Regular Pricing.


IF YOU"D LIKE TO ORDER A CLUMP: please call me directly - 217-621-8474 -- to BE CERTAIN that we have that many fans available of a particular variety that we may reserve for you.

IF YOU WANT TO ORDER only Sale-Priced plants - or Regularly Priced plants, you may place your order online - or if you need assistance placing your order, please call me directly ... 217-621-8474 ... and I'd be delighted to help you.

ANY QUESTIONS?? DON'T hesitate to call me. It would be great to talk with you, once again!!

Rod and Jim  

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