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THANKS to One and All who chose to enjoy some of the Savings during our Earliest Spring Sale for 2023!! For those who have not yet received a call to Come To The Farm to pick up their sale lovelies, Thanks for your Patience - all local orders will be dug and ready for pick-up by by June 12th - probably sooner - I'LL CALL YOU WHEN THEY ARE READY TO BE PICKED UP: no worries!!

A N D -- we will be Opening 5-Acre Farm Daylilies to Walk-In Garden Guests for this year on Saturday, June 24, from 11am to 3pm - and, at that time, we should have about 50 to 100 varieties in bloom. And we'll be open on Sunday, June 25th, 11am to 3pm, as well -

And with each passing week, MORE and MORE varieties will come into blossom, through September. So, if you can't get to The Farm immediately = NO WORRIES - just come along on a convenient Saturday or Sunday for a visit this year.

BECAUSE - after that weekend, we'll be open EVERY Sat and Sun, from 11am to 3pm, through to mid-Sept ... and maybe a bit beyond with the REALLY late bloomers.

As always, IFFFF you cannot make it down to The Farm on a Sat or a Sun, and you want to come during the week, that is possible IF you call ahead to set up an exact visit time -- to be sure one of us is HERE to welcome you, and to and give you any help you might need.

ALSO - if you want to make a WishList to get when you get to The Farm, in person, you can always go to our WebSite: - to see pics of all the potential lovelies. And then you can come down and see them, whether or not they are In Bloom at the particular time of your visit.

To scan through various groups of Lovelies on the WebSite, when you get onto the HomePage: look to the left hand side of the screen, and click on one of the Groups of flowers, listed there --

OR - in the little SEARCH box at the top-middle of this page, you can fill a word or two to pull up WHATEVER you may be searching for, specifically: whether it's a particular COLOR - or a certain Height - or a certain BLOOM TIME (early, early-mid, mid, mid-late, late season) or the EXACT NAME of a cultivar that you happen to know. Just fill in the word about WHATEVER you want to see. When pics come up, you may CLICK on any one of them to bring up a larger picture AND show you ALL the various details about that flower. And when you're done looking at THAT flower, just tap the BACK arrow to get back to your larger list, so that you may review another Lovely: it's that easy!

You may always place your order HERE at The Farm when you visit us - OR - you may place your order OnLine on our Order page - OR - if you do not want to mess with keyboarding in your order - just call me DIRECTLY at 217-621-8474 - and, together, we'll review your WishList - and then I'll enter it into the system for you - and, later, I'll call you back with a Total Due and a Sat or Sun to come down to The Farm to pick them up and pay for them - or you may mail us off a payment check: 5-Acre Farm Daylilies, 1578 CR 300 N, TOLONO, IL 61880-9719. (Sorry ... we do not take credit .)

BECAUSE several of our Lovelies are available in LIMITED numbers, ... please assemble your Wish List at your earliest comfortable convenience - so that we'll have the best chance possible of getting you ALL of what you're hoping for THIS YEAR.

We'll hope to hear from EVERY ONE of you during this, our 18th season in business - so we can begin, once again, to make more of you Daylily Wishes come true, asap!

And Happy Gardening '23 to you all! We'll hope to see you soon!!

Rod and Jim

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