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DESIRE OF NATIONS: Karol Emmerich 2009; TET. Stunningly beautiful grape cranberry blossom, with a frosted blue- lavender eye, plus a triple edge of dark lavender, lavender, and ivory gold filigree; all above a yellow-green throat. He's fragrant with evergreen foliage. He's 24” tall, blooming in mid-to-late season, producing 5 1/2" blossoms on scapes with 3-way branching, each scape producing an average of 20 buds. He may well instantly re-bloom. Highly recommended for both strong garden presence and unusually hearty hybridizing power. Parentage: [{(sdlg x Fortune’s Dearest) x Tet Lavender Blue Baby} x Heartbeat of Heaven sibling] x {(Regal Majesty x Clothed in Glory) x Heartbeat of Heaven}.