Aggressively Feminine

Aggressively Feminine
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Product Description

Aggressively Feminine
This fantastic gal is a show-stopper because of her highly unique hot butterscotch ruffles! Aggressively Feminine presents a warm, cream-to-light-orange-yellow self (RHS 27D) with a mere suggestion of pink traveling down the mid-rib of each petal (RHS 49D). Plus, she sports a hot pink stamen (RHS49C)!

Her blossoms are a minimum of 5 ˝” in diameter, and they are held firmly, high above the foliage, on sturdy 22” scapes with three-way branching - and there are a minimum of 15 buds per scape. The blossoms are round, overall, with a rather flat face, and slightly recurving petals – and the petals are more than double the width of the sepals.

Her petals have highly ruffled edges that are crisply defined by a susbstantial bright butterscotch wire (RHS 23A). The sepals are somewhat pointed and cup slightly forward at the ends. Her throat is a richer, deeper butterscotch tone, still (RHS 23B).

The lanceolate foliage is plentiful, and it is a rich, medium green (RHS 135B). It is consistently strong and fairly streak-free.

This hybrid blooms in mid-to-late season in East Central Illinois - for most of July and into August. She is easily fertile, as both a pollen parent and a pod parent – and she’s fully dormant in Winter.

Ron created this seedling, 00-67-34(2), by crossing an earlier cross of Admiral’s Braid and Lightning Ridge with Spacecoast Starburst.

Aggressively Feminine is significantly sturdy, with blossoms remaining surface-reflective and physically firm, with no edge wilt seen in 100-degree, direct sun, with 80% humidity. She DOES have a color-fade, especially inintense heat: as the day progresses, the self-orange lightens to a suggestion of peach/orange = nearly a "new look" by days end. AND From opening until dusk, this plant provides superior garden value and unique interest.