Corinne Mann

Corinne Mann
Item# dv0025

Product Description

Many years past, when Ron Valente began developing his interest in daylilies, one of the strongest voices encouraging him to try his hand at hybridizing was his dear friend Corinne Mann. Ron was taken from us before he could honor Corinne with a namesake daylily, which was his abiding intention. Corinne Mann is now in her 90’s, and now has "her lily" from Ron.

Corinne Mann provides a 6” flower, firmly held above the foliage, on sturdy 27” scapes that support a minimum bud count of 18 per scape. The blossom appears star-like to rounded in overall shape, with petals and sepals only bending back slightly at the tips. The petals are double the width of the sepals.

The pink-self petals (RHS 50C) are set off strikingly by a thick, buttery yellow wire (RHS 12C), carried solidly on generously ruffled edges; occasional “toothing” does occur. The petal midline of the lightest pink/white (lighter than RHS 56D) sharply contrasts with the solid pink-self tone – and the striking yellow wire repeats itself on the smooth edges of the warm pink, pointed sepals.

The deepest part of the throat is sour-apple green (RHS 143C) blending upward into a lemon-yellow warmth (RHS 154C) that becomes a minimal eye, spreading up onto the petals in a rounded, glowing watermark of lightest pink.

The thin, lanceolate foliage is plentiful, and a rich, medium green (RHS 141A). It is consistently strong and highly streak resistant.

This hybrid blooms in mid-to-late season in East Central Illinois - for most of July and into August. Upon opening in the morning, it has a light, fresh fragrance. It is a dormant cultivar.

This daylily is fertile both ways, both as a pod and pollen parent.

Ron created this hybrid in 2000 by crossing Jody Ann with Moonlight Rhapsody.

Corinne Mann is significantly sturdy, with blossoms remaining surface-reflective and physically firm, with no edge wilt seen in 100 degree, direct sun, with 80% humidity. The only color-fade is a loss of green in the throat as the day progresses. From opening until dusk, this plant provides superior garden value.