Elmer Anderson

Elmer Anderson
Item# dv0030

Product Description

Among the last selections that Ron Valente specified for future introduction was a test hybrid that he tagged to be named in honor of his father-in-law - Elmer Anderson. And here he is for you.

Elmer Anderson puts forth a 5 ½” flower, held firmly above the foliage, on sturdy 26” scapes that support a minimum bud count of 10 per scape, on two-way branching. The blossom shape is stellar-to-round, overall, presenting a somewhat flat face, with petals and sepals attractively cupping slightly forward on all edges. The petals are one-third again as wide as are the sepals.

The rich, wine-purple self color extends strongly over both the lightly ruffled petals and sepals (RHS 187B), and all are outlined in a suggestion of a bright white wire. The throat carries tones of yellow-green (RHS 1B), becoming progressively lighter as it rises upward to establish the base color of the petals.

The lanceolate foliage is sturdy and plentiful, and it is a rich, medium green (RHS 135C). It is consistently strong and nearly streak-free.

This hybrid blooms in mid-season in East Central Illinois - for most of July. It is fertile as both a pollen parent and a pod parent – and it’s fully dormant in Winter.

Ron created this cultivar, 96-101-01, in 1996, by crossing Malmaison Plum and Chance Encounter.

Elmer Anderson is a sturdy, dependable hybrid, remaining surface-reflective and physically firm on all but the very hottest, most humid days in East Central Illinois – that’s 100 degrees and 80% humidity. Only then will this lovely begin to display a slight “crepe-ness” and edge-darkening. Otherwise, the beauty of its’ form and texture is stable from opening until dusk.