Circle of Women

Circle of Women
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One hot, July afternoon, a group of several women visting Valente Gardens asked Ron Valente how he chose names for new daylilies ... and Ron pointed at a lovely new purple daylily cultivar that he'd been trying to name that day and, with a gesture that included all in the group, he said, "It's easy. For example, this one could be named for all of you, as "Circle of Woman" ... and the name stuck.

COW has a bright-plum purple self, plus a corona of lighter orchid-plum watermark, all above a rich green throat. She has a 6 flower diameter, is 24 tall, has an average bud count of 22 per scape and four-way branching, and has fully dormant foliage. She blooms in mid-season, and is fertile as both a ollen parent and a pod parent. Parentage: (Big Blue x Abba).