#4 WaterGardening/Landscaping Consultations.

#4 WaterGardening/Landscaping Consultations.
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Product Description

This year, for the first time, Jim and I are offering "PondScaping" and "LandScaping" services!

Together, we have more than 40 years of applied experience in designing, creating and maintaining water features, from mini-bowl gardens to farm ponds - and everything between.

We are "old friends" with a huge assortment of water plants: underwaters, floaters, marginals, hardy and tropical waterlilies, plus an entire spectrum of lotus. And we have very diverse aquatic experience having work with natural ponds, lined ponds, AquaScapes system ponds, and vernal bogs, as well.

And ... if you ALSO would like to have some FISH to enjoy, Jimmy knows goldfish and Koi, thoroughly - I'm still learning about them, myself.

And ... We Insist on consulting with you On-Site - in your gardens - to be certain that all the details that we may provide for you will be the Very Best Advice possible - tailored to your specific circumstances - and budgets.

AND,regarding LandScaping Services from 5-Acre Farm -- all the same holds true.

We are The Guys for You, whether you're looking to design new gardens, or wanting to do some sort of minor to major revamp of your current garden spaces. And whether you have Sunny or Shady or Mixed-Sun areas, we have all the experienced insight about plants and planting proceses that you'll need to have great gardening success - from soil prep through to on-going maintenance.

And - whether it's PondScaping or Landscaping - Jim and I have a thorough knowledge of all local resources: we know where we can get all the tools, supplies, plants and maintenance goods that you may need - without having to go going beyond East Central Illinois; whenever possible, we like to support local businesses ... with local business.

Billing for Services is charged by the hour, based on the nature and complexity of each project that we choose to review and advise.

More more details, give us a call at 217.621.8474 ... because we'll want to tailor what WE do entirely in accordance with what YOU want us to do for you.

And all PondScaping and LandScaping services should be arranged by appointment only: 217.621.8474.


Rod and Jim